12/31/2022 - Calling OpenAI GPT-3 From Microsoft Blazor

(Note: YouTube video is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXO4MN0CB9k&t=9s ) You can create a Microsoft Blazor application that can call a OpenAI GPT-3 model. What is OpenAI GPT-3? To understand what OpenAI GPT-3 is, we can use a program recently released by OpenAI called Chat GPT located at: https://chat.openai.com and we will get the response shown here. ( Note: According to this FAQ , at this time, it is not possible to call Chat GPT using Blaz

10/19/2022 - Blazor Video Creator

You can dynamically create videos with pictures and audio using Blazor. The Application When you run the application you will be presented with the UPLOAD IMAGE FILES button.   Select images from your computer and click the Open button.   Enter text for the video and click the Create Video File button.   The video will process. The text will be turned into audio. The pictures will be added to the video so that they evenly span the l

8/21/2022 - Customizing The Blazor Login Process With External Authentication Providers

You can easily implement external authentication providers to allow the users of your Blazor application to log in with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and many others. However, you have to write code to associate an external login to an existing login. You can implement several methods such as sending a code in an email. The method, covered here, will ask the user to enter the password of the existing account to make the association.   After clicking the Log In link to

7/4/2022 - Creating A Step-By-Step End-To-End Database Client-Side (WebAssembly) Blazor Application (Updated to .Net 6)

In this article, using client ( WebAssembly ) Blazor , we will demonstrate how a list of Weather forecasts can be added to the database by each user. A user will only have the ability to see their own forecasts.   Walk-Thru When we navigate to the Fetch data page, without being logged in , it will indicate that you Must be logged in . To log in , click the Log In link.   You can log in .   Once a user is logged in , navigating to the Fetch

6/20/2022 - Creating A Step-By-Step End-To-End Database MAUI Blazor Application

MAUI Blazor allows us to create applications that run natively on the operating system (rather than in a web browser). In addition to running our applications on Windows , MAUI Blazor allows us to run our applications on Android , iOS , and MacOS . Note: MAUI Blazor allows you to create applications that run on multiple platforms, however, this tutorial only covers creating an application that runs on Windows .   A Look at The Completed Application When the a

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