7/4/2022 - Creating A Step-By-Step End-To-End Database Client-Side (WebAssembly) Blazor Application (Updated to .Net 6)

In this article, using client ( WebAssembly ) Blazor , we will demonstrate how a list of Weather forecasts can be added to the database by each user. A user will only have the ability to see their own forecasts.   Walk-Thru When we navigate to the Fetch data page, without being logged in , it will indicate that you Must be logged in . To log in , click the Log In link.   You can log in .   Once a user is logged in , navigating to the Fetch

6/20/2022 - Creating A Step-By-Step End-To-End Database MAUI Blazor Application

MAUI Blazor allows us to create applications that run natively on the operating system (rather than in a web browser). In addition to running our applications on Windows , MAUI Blazor allows us to run our applications on Android , iOS , and MacOS . Note: MAUI Blazor allows you to create applications that run on multiple platforms, however, this tutorial only covers creating an application that runs on Windows .   A Look at The Completed Application When the a

6/5/2022 - Blazor File Upload using Web API and Swagger

Uploading a file using an API has been covered in many places. Uploading a file using a Swagger page has also been covered in the following Github project: dotnet-labs/HerokuContainer . Implementing authentication, using JWTs has also been covered in this project: StefanescuEduard/DotnetSwaggerDocumentation . However the example in this Blog post combines all this and uses Blazor . Note: You can download the completed project from here: Github: ADefWebserver/Blazor

3/7/2022 - Oqtane Module Creator

Oqtane is an application that is built using Microsoft’s Blazor technology. It allows you to deploy and run modules written in Blazor . When Oqtane is deployed and running, it provides a dynamic web experience that can be run as client side Blazor or as server side Blazor . What makes Oqtane different from other Blazor applications, is that it produces the entire website , not just a single application . Oqtane was created by Shaun Walker and is inspired by the

2/14/2022 - Creating Azure Maps Applications In Blazor

You can create Microsoft Azure Maps applications in Microsoft Blazor . In addition to displaying maps, Azure Maps provides a full range of services including; Search , Traffic , Routing , Elevation , Spatial operations , Geolocation , Weather Service and more.   See: https://samples.azuremaps.com/ to view live examples what Azure Maps is capable of.   Setting Up Azure Maps   Log into your Azure account at https://portal.azure.com/ and

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