1/15/2024 - Godot Github Source Control

This explains how to use Github with Godot .   Open a Godot 4 file and select Version Control/Create Version Control metadata…   Select Git then OK .   Go to https://Github.com and create a repository.   ( Note: Due to a limitation with the plug-in you have to make the default branch called “master” (huge sigh))   Create a PAT by going here: https://github.com/settings/tokens   Select classic token .

1/5/2024 - Creating A Blazor Server Azure B2C App (Updated to .NET 8)

You can authenticate the users in your Blazor application (and even manage your users) using Azure Active Directory B2C . Also see: Creating A Blazor WebAssembly Azure B2C Application   Azure Active Directory B2C Azure Active Directory B2C is a service that allows your Blazor website users to log in using their preferred social or enterprise logins (or they can create a new local account in your Azure B2C tenant ). Because this is an Azure Active Directory te

1/3/2024 - Godot and Microsoft Blazor

Blazor is a web framework that allows developers to build interactive web applications using C# and HTML. It provides a server-side hosting model where Blazor is executed on the server from within an ASP.NET Core app. This hosting model allows Blazor to handle user management and securely communicate with external resources like large language model APIs. Godot is a free and open-source game engine that allows developers to create 2D and 3D games with various languages and feat

9/22/2023 - Azure OpenAI Using C#: Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI and embeddings and vectors to implement Artificial Intelligence applications using C#

Just published Azure OpenAI Using C# Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI and embeddings and vectors to implement Artificial Intelligence applications using C# Discover the power and potential of Azure OpenAI, and harness it seamlessly with C#. Dive into the vast world of Azure OpenAI with this comprehensive guide tailored for C# developers. "Azure OpenAI in C#" bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI services on Azure and the ever-evolving world of C# programming. Whether you'

9/18/2023 - Processing Large Amounts of Text in LLM Models

Writing fiction stories with large language models (LLMs) can be challenging, especially when the story spans multiple chapters or scenes. LLMs have a hard time processing large amounts of text because they have a limited context window. This means that they can only remember a certain number of tokens or words at a time. This causes them to ‘forget’ information outside of their context window, such as the names, traits, and actions of the characters. This is problematic if you are using

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