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Azure OpenAI Using C#: Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI and embeddings and vectors to implement Artificial Intelligence applications using C#


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Azure OpenAI Using C#

Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI and embeddings and vectors to implement Artificial Intelligence applications using C#


Discover the power and potential of Azure OpenAI, and harness it seamlessly with C#.

Dive into the vast world of Azure OpenAI with this comprehensive guide tailored for C# developers. "Azure OpenAI in C#" bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI services on Azure and the ever-evolving world of C# programming. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out in the field of AI, this book provides insights, hands-on examples, and the knowledge required to integrate Azure OpenAI into your applications effectively.

What's Inside:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Azure OpenAI and Why Would You Want to Use It?
  • Begin your journey by understanding the fundamentals of Azure OpenAI. Discover its capabilities, benefits, and the compelling reasons to integrate it into your software projects.
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Blazor Chat Application with Azure OpenAI
  • Dive into a practical application by developing a Blazor-based chat application. Enhance user interactions by leveraging the power of Azure OpenAI.
  • Chapter 3: Recursive Azure OpenAI Function Calling
  • Delve deeper into the functionalities of Azure OpenAI with recursive function calling. Understand the intricacies and potential applications of this powerful feature.
  • Chapter 4: What Are Embeddings and Vectors (And Why Should I Care?)
  • Step back and get a foundational understanding of the concepts of embeddings and vectors. Learn their significance in the world of AI and how they can be used in conjunction with Azure OpenAI.
  • Chapter 5: Bring Your Own Data to Azure OpenAI
  • Customize your AI applications by introducing your datasets. Learn the best practices, and strategies to effectively integrate your data with Azure OpenAI.
  • Chapter 6: Azure OpenAI RAG Pattern using an SQL Vector Database
  • Explore the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pattern using a SQL Vector Database. Enhance the depth and breadth of your AI solutions by tapping into database-driven vector storage.


Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing applications or are on the verge of creating a new AI-driven solution, "Azure OpenAI in C#" offers a thorough understanding of the capabilities and integrations possible with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI.








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