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Nov 10

Written by: Michael Washington
11/10/2019 1:36 PM  RssIcon


You can easily add charts to a Blazor application using ChartJs.Blazor.

To demonstrate this, we will add a chart to the project.


Using ChartJs.Blazor


We open the Fat Secret Data Exporter project in Visual Studio and right-click on the project node, and select Manage NuGet Packages…



We search for and install the ChartJs.Blazor NuGet package.



We open the Pages/_Host.cshtml file and add the following code in the HTML body tag:


    <script src="_content/ChartJs.Blazor/moment-with-locales.min.js" 
            type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
    <!-- Reference the included ChartJs javascript file. -->
    <script src="_content/ChartJs.Blazor/Chart.min.js" 
            type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
    <!-- This is the glue between the C# code and the ChartJs charts -->
    <script src="_content/ChartJs.Blazor/ChartJsInterop.js" 
            type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
    <!-- Some styling -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/ChartJs.Blazor/ChartJSBlazor.css" />



Next, we open the GetData.razor page and add the following using statements:


@using ChartJs.Blazor.Charts
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Properties
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Enums
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Legends
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Axes
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Axes.Ticks
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.Common.Time
@using ChartJs.Blazor.ChartJS.LineChart
@using ChartJs.Blazor.Util


We add the following properties:


    LineConfig _lineConfig;
    ChartJsLineChart _lineChartJs;
    private LineDataset<TimeTuple<int>> _WeightDataSet;


To configure the chart, we add the following to the OnInitializedAsync() method:


        _lineConfig = new LineConfig
            Options = new LineOptions
                Responsive = true,
                Title = new OptionsTitle
                    Display = true,
                    Text = "Weight Chart"
                Legend = new Legend
                    Display = false
                Tooltips = new Tooltips
                    Mode = InteractionMode.Nearest,
                    Intersect = false
                Scales = new Scales
                    yAxes = new List<CartesianAxis>
                        new LinearCartesianAxis
                            ScaleLabel = new ScaleLabel
                                LabelString = "Weight"
                    xAxes = new List<CartesianAxis>
                        new TimeAxis
                            Distribution = TimeDistribution.Linear,
                            Ticks = new TimeTicks
                                Source = TickSource.Data
                            Time = new TimeOptions
                                Unit = TimeMeasurement.Day,
                                Round = TimeMeasurement.Day,
                                TooltipFormat = "MM.DD.YYYY",
                                DisplayFormats = TimeDisplayFormats.DE_CH
                            ScaleLabel = new ScaleLabel
                                LabelString = "Date"
                Hover = new LineOptionsHover
                    Intersect = true,
                    Mode = InteractionMode.Y


In the same method we define the dataset (_WeightDataSet) that will be used for the chart:


        _WeightDataSet = new LineDataset<TimeTuple<int>>
            BackgroundColor = ColorUtil.FromDrawingColor(System.Drawing.Color.White),
            BorderColor = ColorUtil.FromDrawingColor(System.Drawing.Color.Red),
            Label = "Weight per Day",
            Fill = false,
            BorderWidth = 2,
            PointRadius = 2,
            PointBorderWidth = 2,
            SteppedLine = SteppedLine.False,
            Hidden = false


In the method that retrieves the data (into the colFatSecretWeightOutput collection), we use the following code to populate the _WeightDataSet:


        .Select(p => new TimeTuple<int>(new Moment(p.Date), Convert.ToInt32(p.Weight))));


Finally, we use the following code, in the page markup, to display the chart:


            Height="50" />


You can see all the changes required to add the chart to the project in the GitHub changeset at this link.




Tags: Blazor

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Re: Adding Charts To Server Side Blazor Using ChartJs.Blazor

Hi Michael, thank you for your articles and samples.

It may be very useful if you can write article how to use SandDance framework on Blazor.

By Win32nipuh on   1/3/2020 4:42 AM
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